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For general use of the CMT catalog:

Please cite the following pair of papers, which give (1) the basic methodology and approach; and (2) the most recent description of how we conduct the CMT analyses, including a number of significant improvements to the analysis.

For particular earthquakes or earthquake sequences:

For some earthquakes or earthquake sequences of particular interest, we have conducted focused studies; for authors relying primarily on these studies, it may be appropriate to cite the paper describing our focused study, instead of or in addition to the references given above. Some of these are described on the following web page:
Special studies of particular earthquakes or sets of earthquakes
(these include, e.g., earthquakes in Haiti and the Gulf of Aden, the Tohoku earthquake and aftershocks, glacial earthquakes, etc.).

Some CMT solutions are also available for intermediate-depth and deep earthquakes from the pre-digital era; solutions for events in 1976 were calculated primarily from HGLP data. These solutions, and the analysis, are described in the following publications:

The Global CMT project is supported by the National Science Foundation (see

Thanks for using the CMT catalog, and for citing our work.

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